Join the ZEBEDEE Team
Let's bring real economies into virtual worlds.
Open Positions
We’re looking for top talent around the world. Apply for one of our open positions now! And if you think you belong at ZEBEDEE but don’t see the right role, reach out at
Stay for the Team
We discovered a nice side-effect of having everyone completely on-board with the same mission: We genuinely love working with each other. We may never find ourselves together in an office, but we still feel close to each other every day.
Working at ZEBEDEE
We've formed a strong culture that makes opening up the company chat every morning something we all look forward to.
Remote but Connected
We don’t work in the same place, but we do work closely together. Communication is a big part of the job.
On the Cutting Edge
We stand on the intersection of gaming and fintech – the two fastest evolving industries today. And we're experts at both.
Drive the Revolution
We're building the foundation for the metaverse. It extends beyond our products: We support communities, teams and meetups with the same goal.
Blaze the Trail
We’re creating something completely new. That takes learning new skills, solving complex challenges and working with shiny new tech.
Everyone is Core Team
Our team is growing fast, but we make sure everyone has their voice heard and gets a chance to influence company direction and culture.
Respect for All
We're different people, with different areas of expertise, world views and cultural backgrounds. We respect and celebrate our diversity.