Power Your Games With Bitcoin

Use our tools to integrate Bitcoin into your games and communities. Add a real economy to your virtual worlds.

Invent New Mechanics
When you can tie nanopayments to any action or event, it transforms what's possible in a game.
Introduce Play-to-Earn
In-game Bitcoin rewards massively lower acquisition costs and can double player retention.
Build the Metaverse
Create a shared global economy across games and reality. All worlds speak Bitcoin.

Documentation Portal

Here's How to Use ZEBEDEE
Check our documentation portal and you'll be building Bitcoin games in no time.
Here's How to Use ZEBEDEE
All the information you need to use our APIs and SDKs.
Learn about the basic actions needed to create Bitcoin games.
Follow step-by-step examples of simple integrations.
Start Building With ZEBEDEE
Get access to the Developer Dashboard and start integrating Bitcoin into your games.