You'll find the answers to the most common questions about ZEBEDEE here.

What games can I play with Bitcoin?
More Bitcoin-powered games are popping up every day!
  • If you’re into casual mobile games, check out Sarutobi(here for iOS)
  • For a Mario Kart-style experience with unique Bitcoin mechanics, try Bitcoin Rally
  • If you’re into more serious gaming, try playing CS:GO for Bitcoin
How is it possible to earn Bitcoin for free?
We work with other companies and sponsors to provide the sats inside games. That’s why we’re able to hand out Bitcoin through games without asking for anything in return. We are also investigating other business models, but for now the free sats are provided by sponsors and brands who believe in what we’re building.
Are Bitcoin games just on PC and mobile, or console too?
For now, Bitcoin games only exist for PC and mobile, with casual mobile games leading the way. We're sure console games with Bitcoin integrations will start popping up soon, but it takes a long time to develop a game and this technology is still very new, so it pays to be patient!
What if my question is not answered here?
Fear not, the ZEBEDEE team is here to help! Join us on Discord and become part of our vibrant community of gamers. Check out the #help channel for direct answers. You can also email us at support@zebedee.io if you have other questions or run into a problem.