Terms of Service

Last updated at: February 1st, 2020


By using this website (“Site”), registering for a ZEBEDEE Account (“Account”) or using any other ZEBEDEE Service, you (“you, your, or yourself”) are agreeing to accept and comply with the terms and conditions of use stated below (“Terms of Use”). You should read the entire Terms of Use carefully before using this Site or any of the ZEBEDEE Services.

As used in these Terms of Use, “ZEBEDEE” refers to the company ZEBEDEE Inc., registered with the Registrar of Companies in the state of Delaware with registration number 7574177 and with registered office at 50 Harrison ST STE 472, Hoboken, NJ, 07030-6064, its owners, directors, investors, employees. Depending upon the context, “ZEBEDEE” may also refer to the services, products, website, content or other materials (collectively “ZEBEDEE Services”) provided by ZEBEDEE.

The Service operated by ZEBEDEE allows the limited use of Bitcoin by game developers to process in-game microtransaction payments for their users. The Service operated by ZEBEDEE also allows all registered users of the Service (“Members”) to:

  • Send and receive Bitcoin microtransactions within their games. ZEBEDEE defines microtransactions as less than 10,000 Satoshis;
  • Enable game developers to enable their users to receive and send Bitcoin micropayments within their games;
  • Store limited quantities of Bitcoin on the ZEBEDEE platform for the purpose of above;
  • And access these services via programmatic APIs.

Depending on your country of residence, you may not be able to use all the functions of the Site. It is your responsibility to follow the rules and laws in your country of residence and/or country from which you access this Site and Services. As long as you agree to and comply with these Terms of Use, ZEBEDEE grants you the personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and limited right to enter and use the Site and the Service.


By opening an Account, you expressly represent and warrant that you have accepted these Terms.


Unless otherwise specified, all Materials on this Site are the property of ZEBEDEE and are protected by copyright, trademark and other applicable laws. You may view, print and/or download a copy of the Materials from this Site on any single computer solely for your personal, informational and/or non-commercial use, provided you comply with all copyright and other proprietary notices.

The trademarks, service marks and logos of ZEBEDEE and others used in this Site (“Trademarks”) are the property of ZEBEDEE and their respective owners. The software, text, images, graphics, video and audio used on this Site belong to ZEBEDEE. The Trademarks and Material should not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, scraped, collected or distributed in any form or by any means, whether manual or automated. The use of any such Materials on any other Site or networked computer environment for any other purpose is strictly prohibited; any such unauthorised use may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.


ZEBEDEE Services are currently in a closed beta testing phase. By agreeing to these terms You agree that You are a beta tester and subject to additional beta tester policies.

Developer Dashboard accounts are by default limited to: A maximum wallet balance of 200,000 satoshis (0.02 BTC) Minimum transaction size of 1 satoshi Maximum transaction size of 15,000 satoshis

During the beta testing phase, ZEBEDEE reserves the right to change these limits and freeze Your account without notice.


Before becoming a User, You must establish an account on the Platform (an “Account”). Approval of Your request to establish an Account will be at the sole discretion of ZEBEDEE. Each Account and the User identification and password for each Account (the “Account ID”) is for Your sole use and may only be used by You and Your authorized employees and contractors. You may not distribute or transfer Your Account or Account ID or provide a third-party with the right to access Your Account or Account ID. You are solely responsible for all use of the Platform through Your Account. All transactions completed through Your Account or under your Account ID will be deemed to have been lawfully completed by You. You will ensure the security and confidentiality of Your Account ID and will notify ZEBEDEE immediately, if any Account ID is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised. In connection with establishing an Account, You will be asked to submit certain information about Yourself (“Registration Information”). You agree that: (1) all Registration Information You provide will be true and complete; and (2) You will maintain and promptly update Your Registration Information to keep it accurate and current. You may not select or use an Account ID of another person with the intent to impersonate that person.


ZEBEDEE may require that You verify Your identity before accessing or using certain Services. Promptly following ZEBEDEE’s request, You will provide ZEBEDEE any and all Content, including Your full name and any documents or photographs, necessary for ZEBEDEE to verify Your identity. You hereby represent, warrant and covenant that such Content is accurate, current and complete. ZEBEDEE reserves the right to freeze Your Account until Your identity has been verified pursuant to this Section and to terminate Your Account should you fail to comply with your obligations under this Section. You, and You (and, if acting in a representative capacity, individually and for the Entity you represent) authorize ZEBEDEE and its agents to make such investigative inquiries and request such third-party reports as it deems necessary to verify your identity and that of your principals and other agents.


You are solely responsible for all Content you provide, upload, submit, or post to, or generate through access to or use of the Platform including by connecting or communicating with other Users (“Your Content”). Your responsibility for Your Content extends to resolving any disputes that may arise between you and any User or other Entity because of Your Content. By providing, uploading, submitting, posting, or generating Your Content, you grant ZEBEDEE and its authorized representatives and contractors a perpetual and non-exclusive right and license to use, process, store, and transmit, and disclose Your Content (a) to provide the Services and fulfill other obligations described in this Agreement and (b) to further develop and provide services for ZEBEDEE customers. You understand that in certain contexts Your Content may be visible to, sent to, and viewed by other Users and you expressly waive any privacy rights you may otherwise have in Your Content in such contexts. You agree to allow us, if we elect in our sole discretion, to provide Your Content to other Users in connection with identity verification Services, described below. You represent, warrant, and covenant that Your Content: (a) does not violate this Agreement or any applicable laws; (b) is not libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, pornographic, threatening, or an invasion of privacy; (c) does not constitute an infringement or misappropriation of the intellectual property rights or other rights of any third-party; (d) is not an advertisement or solicitation of funds, goods, or services; (e) is not false, misleading, or inaccurate; or (f) could not be considered junk mail, spam, a part of a pyramid scheme, a disruptive commercial message or disruptive advertisement.

ZEBEDEE is not responsible or liable for any deletion, correction, destruction, damage, loss or failure to store or back-up any of Your Content. You agree that You have all right, title, interest and consent in Your Content necessary to allow ZEBEDEE to use Your Content for the purposes for which You provide Your Content to ZEBEDEE.


You will pay ZEBEDEE all fees required to access and use of the Platform (“Fees”) as set forth in the following fee schedule. The Fees are subject to change without notice, at any time and You are responsible for checking applicable Fees prior to transacting. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of a notice of Commission changes signifies that you accept and agree to the changes. You hereby grant ZEBEDEE the right to charge or deduct funds from Your custodian wallet hosted on the Platform (or such other cryptocurrency wallet, credit card, debit card, online payment account, or other payment method, where applicable) for all Fees incurred under this Agreement. If ZEBEDEE requires use of collection agencies, attorneys, or courts of law for collection of Your account, You will be responsible for those expenses. You will be responsible for any and all use, sales, and other taxes imposed your access to and use of the Platform.


All services are provided without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and in particular, without implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We do not represent that this Site will be available 100% of the time to meet your needs. We will strive to provide you with the Service as soon as possible, but there are no guarantees that access will not be interrupted, or that there will be no delays, failures, errors, omissions or a loss of transmitted information.

We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Site can be accessed by you in accordance with these Terms of Use. However, we may suspend use of the Site for maintenance and will make reasonable efforts to give you notice of this. You acknowledge that this may not be possible in an emergency and accept the risks associated with the fact that you may not always be able to use the Site or carry out urgent transactions using your Account.



Bitcoin has special risks not generally shared with official currencies, goods or commodities in a market. Unlike most currencies, which are backed by governments or other legal entities, or by commodities such as gold or silver, Bitcoin is a unique type of currency, backed by technology and trust. There is no central bank that can issue more currency or take corrective measures to protect the value of Bitcoin in a crisis and accounts and value balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation protections. Any account maintained by ZEBEDEE for the benefit of its customers may not be sufficient to cover all losses incurred by customers.

Instead, Bitcoin is an autonomous and largely unregulated global system of currency firms and individuals. Users put their trust in a digital, decentralised and partially anonymous system that relies on peer-to-peer networking and cryptography to maintain its integrity. Some Bitcoin transactions shall be deemed to be made when recorded on a public ledger, which is not necessarily the date or time that the customer initiates the transaction.

Bitcoin is often susceptible to irrational (or rational) bubbles or loss of confidence, which could collapse demand relative to supply. For example, confidence in Bitcoin might collapse because of unexpected changes imposed by software developers or others, a government crackdown, the creation of superior competing alternative currencies, or a deflationary or inflationary spiral. Confidence might also collapse because of technical problems: if the anonymity of the system is compromised, if money is lost or stolen, or if hackers or governments are able to prevent any transactions from settling. Additionally, legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the state, federal or international level may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange and value of virtual currency.

You should be aware that the value of Bitcoin may be derived from the continued willingness of market participants to exchange fiat currency for virtual currency, which may result in the potential for permanent and total loss of value of a particular virtual currency should the market for that virtual currency disappear.

There may be additional risks that we have not foreseen or identified in our Terms of Use.

You should carefully assess whether your financial situation and tolerance for risk is suitable for using Bitcoin. Transactions in virtual assets may be irreversible, and, accordingly, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable.

Please note the following additional disclosures associated with Bitcoin and other Digital Assets:

Digital Assets are not legal tender, are not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or Securities Investor Protection Corporation protections.

Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the state, federal or international level may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange and value of Digital Assets.

Transactions in Digital Assets may be irreversible, and, accordingly, losses due to fraudulent or accidental transactions may not be recoverable.

Some Digital Assets transactions shall be deemed to be made when recorded on a public ledger, which is not necessarily the date or time that the customer initiates the transaction.

The value of Virtual Assets or Digital Assets may be derived from the continued willingness of market participants to exchange fiat currency for Virtual Assets or Digital Assets, which may result in the potential for permanent and total loss of value of a particular Virtual Asset or Digital Asset should the market for that Virtual Asset or Digital Asset disappear.

There is no assurance that a person who accepts a Digital Asset as payment today will continue to do so in the future.

The volatility and unpredictability of the price of Digital Assets relative to fiat currency may result in significant loss over a short period of time.

The nature of Digital Assets may lead to an increased risk of fraud or cyber-attack.

The nature of Digital Assets means that any technological difficulties experienced by ZEBEDEE may prevent the access or use of a customer’s virtual currency.


You should not interpret any Content provided on the Platform as tax, legal, financial, or investment advice. We have no special relationship with or fiduciary duty to You and Your use of the Platform does not create such a relationship. You agree and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for conducting legal, accounting and other due diligence review on the information posted on the Platform.


ZEBEDEE’s only involvement in digital transactions on the Platform is as a software provider. If a disagreement occurs between You and a User or customer over a transaction (a “Transaction Dispute”), You and that User or customer are solely responsible for resolving the Transaction Dispute. ZEBEDEE disclaims any liability arising out of or relating to a Transaction Dispute and will not mediate, attempt to resolve, or otherwise become involved in any Transaction Dispute.


We may share your Personal Data with law enforcement, data protection authorities, government officials and other authorities when:

Required by law;

Compelled by subpoena, court order or other legal procedure;

We believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent damage or financial loss;

Disclosure is necessary to report suspected illegal activity; or

Disclosure is necessary to investigate violations of our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy

We may also share information concerning US citizens who are ZEBEDEE customers with other financial institutions, as authorised under Section 314(b) of the US Patriot Act, and with tax authorities, including the US Internal Revenue Service, pursuant to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”), to the extent that this statute may be determined to apply to.

For further information on how we process your Personal Data, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

AML Policy

Our business model and our Service facilitate the use of Digital Assets to purchase goods and services in an unregulated, international open payment system. The Services we provide are subject to the laws, regulations and rules of various governmental and regulatory authorities including, but not limited to:

Money Service Business (“MSB”) regulations and other applicable guidance from the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network;

State money transmission and financial services laws;

The Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 (“BSA”);

The USA PATRIOT Act of 2001 (“Patriot Act”);

Issuances from the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”);

The New York Banking Law (the “NYBL”);

Regulations promulgated by the New York Department of Financial Services (“NYSDFS”);

The National Futures Association (“NFA”);

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”);

The Commodity Exchange Act (“CEA”); and

Rules and regulations of relevant tax authorities.

ZEBEDEE is not regulated in any jurisdiction for licensed or restricted activities. We will comply with laws, regulations and rules of local authorities as required.