Level Up Your Community With Bitcoin

It’s been said that sending money over the internet should be as simple as sending a text message. Now it is.

Powerful Payments in a Simple Package
ZBD Bots are strikingly simple to set up and use. Because the payment technology under the hood packs a massive punch!
Instant and Free
As soon as your message hits the chat, the Bitcoin arrives. No waiting and no fees between ZEBEDEE users.
Revolutionary Tipping
Like what someone said? Just reply with "Z tip <amount>" to send them some Bitcoin.
Payments without Bounds
Send Bitcoin to anyone in the world with a Lightning Address, even if they're not in your community at all.
Request Payments
Create invoices and QR codes that work with any Lightning wallet, simply by writing "Z invoice" in the chat.
Simple Commands
Send or request Bitcoin with very simple text phrases. Write "Z help" for a list of commands.
Scan to Start
Write "Z login" to get a QR code, then scan it with your ZBD Wallet. That's it.
Level up Your Chats Today
Add ZBD Bots to your Discord or Telegram in just a few clicks and bring the power of Bitcoin to your community.