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Microtransaction SDKs

Why Use Our Tools?

Innovation in the video game industry has been held back by the limitations of traditional financial services. Game revenues are typically restricted to in-app purchases and advertisements.

Our developer tools allow you to easily integrate value transfer flows into the fabric of your game in a way that was not previously possible. Unlock the true value of your games.
Invent New Game Concepts
Adding the ZEBEDEE SDK into your toolkit will unlock a new frontier of creativity and transform the profitability and engagement of your gameplay and digital experiences.
Increase Your Daily Active Users
Financial incentives can be used to increase user engagement. By integrating with ZEBEDEE the points players collect within a game will also have value outside of the game.
Improve Your Revenue Per User
Our tools help improve the profitability of your games. Introducing financial transactions into gameplay will lead to new creative possibilities to extract revenues.

Bitcoin Bounce


THNDR GAMES have created a single player mobile gaming experience in which players must collect points in order to win a payout in Bitcoin. By adding a small financial incentive to the gameplay it can increase user retention and ad revenue.


Mandelduck Studios

RAIKI introduces multiplayer player-to-player transactions to eSports. Players commit points at the start of the game and these are streamed between the players as they fight. Winner takes the bulk of the reward.

The game also boasts an audience participation concept where viewers can spend points to interact with the gameplay while the fight happens, adding challenges or aesthetics.

How Do We Do It?

The Bitcoin Network

The Satoshi
Instead of incentivizing players through accumulating points, we leverage micropayments in the Bitcoin network to instantaneously transfer funds.

Every Bitcoin is divisible into 100,000,000 units known as satoshis. By backing traditional “points” with satoshis, a player who collects 10,000 “points” for example has effectively earned 10,000 satoshis (~$1).
The Network
Integrating traditional currencies into games has been historically difficult due to the operating costs of supporting small transactions sizes. However, utilizing Bitcoin for this purpose is frictionless: it already has a large global infrastructure for securing, transacting and exchanging to fiat currency.

Integrating micropayments of Bitcoin into a game adds value to the transactions and in turn, for the players – allowing them to use the earned satoshis in any part of the interoperable global Bitcoin infrastructure.

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